Obedience Training

With over 25 years experience & having trained more than 10,000 dogs Topdog Training are Ireland’s leading dog training company. We take a balanced, scientific & motivational approach to dog training in order to provide you with the best techniques that lead to a happy, healthy pet, based on the psychology of how dogs think & learn. Read On….

Family Protection Dogs

Topdog Training offer professionally trained family protection dogs for sale to selected clients both in Ireland & Worldwide. We can also assess your own dog for suitability to attend our family protection training course. We are highly experienced in this field which is why an Garda Siochana dog unit choose Topdog Training to retire their dogs to. Read On….

Head Trainer/Owner

Hello and welcome to our site. My name is Henry Fitzsimons and I have been training dogs since my early teens, originally with my uncle and aunt at their kennel in Watford. Since then I have travelled the World learning different techniques and methods which help in providing a good relationship between dog and owner. I finished top of my class in the USA having achieved 100% in my final exam and receiving the rare k9 badge. In Germany I trained with German police dog handlers and also top schutzhund trainer Bernhard Flinks. We believe that a happy dog learns fast and in order to make training enjoyable for both the dog and handler, the reinforcements used must be positive, rewarding and motivational to the individual dog. Every dog is different and it is our responsibility to provide each owner with the tools and instruction to experience the same results in the home environment. We offer 1-1 dog & puppy training in your own home. .

Here Is What Our Clients Think

We Have Trained Over 10,000 Dogs!!

Some Recent Testimonials.

Hi all, Just a quick thank you for all the hard work you put into Lilly. It has been 3 weeks since she completed her training course and we collected her from you. She is now a pleasure to walk down the street and she no longer nips us or is aggressive to visitors or at feeding time. Myself and John owe you our thanks.

Keep up the good work

Alice and John Bennet, Bichon Frise Belfast

We left our Malinios bitch to be trained with Henry and his trainers.
We took a stubborn wilful dog and came home with a different girl!
She now lives in the house is excellent in everyway plus we have a dog that is fully protection trained who would protect us with all she has.I would definatley take any of my dogs to Topdog Training the rates were very fare and Henry and his team put much more into Tally than they needed to.
Thanks again Henry.

Tom and Val Parr. Wexford

We brought our German Shepherd Rossi to Henry. Rossi had problems pulling on lead, and lunging at cars when out walking. Two weeks with Henry and we brought home a new dog. Absolutely brilliant. Top marks for a top dog trainer.

Eamonn & Liz Manning.

German Shepherd


Hi Henry.
Was absoutely thrilled with marley and roxy, they are so good now, and can really enjoy walking them now,
without my arms been pulled out!!
Thanks a million. I’ll be highly recommending you.
Worth every penny!!

Louise Labradors