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About the breed & our Training

Training and Temperament of the Japanese Spitz

Japanese Spitz’s are a highly spirited, playful dog, which is alert, intelligent and with training, obedient.  This smart little dog is a good watchdog and will bark to let its owners know someone is about.

The Japanese Spitz is not difficult to train once the correct training techniques are used and the owner is consistent. Usually well mannered with children and trustworthy with other dogs and household pets.

The Japanese Spitz can become a nuisance barker without appropriate training and if you allow them to believe they are in charge. Make sure you are this dog's firm, fair, and consistent pack leader to avoid Small Dog Syndrome, this is an owner induced behaviour problem bought about by insufficient understanding of what your dog needs and incorrect training.

When dogs are allowed to become pack leader they will develop many types of behaviour problems, including guarding, separation anxiety, destroying your home and biting. These are not Japanese Spitz traits, but behaviours formed from lack of leadership on the owner’s part. Always remember, dogs are dogs, not humans, therefore they require and need to be treated as such to be happy.

All dogs need rules to follow, and limits to what they are and are not allowed to do.


japanese spitz training

The reason we are so successful training dogs.

Remember using the above as a starting point, we will asses all dogs we train and then according to their breed traits and individual temperaments/drives we will design a personal training programme for them, then by using different motivators for each personality/temperament, we will produce the same result, which is a well trained obedient dog.

Even puppies from the same litter will all have different temperaments so will require differing techniques for obtaining the desired results.

Exercise: Japanese Spitz

Always on the go the Japanese Spitz will adapt themselves to your lifestyle so long as they are taken out for a long, daily walk. In addition, they will get great satisfaction from being allowed to run off its lead in a safe area.

Height & Weight

Height: 12-15 inches (30-38 cm.)

Weight: 11-20 pounds (5-10 kg.)

japanese spitz training

Obedience commands taught on the course

Week 1.

In the first week we train the basic dog commands of heel (walking on the leash without pulling) sit,down,stay and come, we also start towards advanced training commands ie 1. The automatic sit, this is where your dog will sit whenever you stop walking, 2. Down from distance, your dog will go into the down position from up to 20ft away and hold the position until you release him/her, and 3. to jump up only when called up and when commanded "off" will sit beside you. Both verbal and hand signals are taught. All these commands are taught in the presence of other dogs.

Week 2.

In week 2 we bring your dog to our local park everyday where we will carry out all the commands taught in week 1. This is much more difficult for the dog as there will be real life distractions ie other dogs and people walking about.

In this way we can do what we call proof the commands.It is one thing to train a dog in the quiet of a training field, hall or other sterile area and another to train him in an everyday environment.

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