House Training & Chewing

House training problems are one of the biggest reasons dogs get re-homed or abandoned each year. With the correct information and training it is not difficult to house train most dogs, but with the wrong method being used you will find it frustrating, it will also be hit and miss all of the dogs’ life.

On our 1-1 obedience training course we will  include starting to get your dog into a house training routine and we will ask you to continue on with this when we leave. We will also show you how to begin to train your dog to go to one area of your garden/yard to relieve himself.

House training will be based on two things

1. Your life style i.e. work commitments family life etc

2. The breed and temperament of your individual dog

Not all house training methods suit all dogs or owners but we will find one that does.

This will require work from yourself when we leave but with our recommendations and advice you will have your dog house trained, making no more mistakes in quick time.

Dog Chewing

Dogs chew for a wide variety of reasons. They could be bored, teething or maybe just do not know any better.
We will work out the reason and come up with a solution to his/her chewing problems when they attend our obedience course. 

We Have Trained Over 10,000 Dogs!!

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Initial Session Is 2 Hours Long & Includes Assessment.


If Needed, Any Further Session’s Will Be 1 Hour Long.