Puppy Course

Suitable For Puppies Upto 6Months

We offer a 2 hour, 1 to 1 training and assessment session where we will give you an idea of the temperament of your puppy and the best way to train according to this. This will give him/her a good start in how to live and interact with his new family, and also give you training tools to help keep him on the straight and narrow.

It is never too early to start puppy training and indeed the earlier the better. You must teach the puppy what is allowed and what is not, this is achieved through specific training for your puppies’ individual temperament using high energy motivational methods with lots of praise and rewards as they love to please and be pleased.

During our puppy training we will show you how to start to train the exercises below and eliminate unwanted behaviours such as

  1. Sit
  2. Stay
  3. Down
  4. Toilet Training
  5. Leash Walking
  6. Leave It
  7. Jumping Up
  8. Mouthing

Plus anything else you are having difficulties with or would like to ask. 

We Have Trained Over 10,000 Dogs!!

Some Recent Testimonials.

Initial Session Is 2 Hours Long & Includes Assessment.


If Needed, Any Further Session’s Will Be 1 Hour Long.