Family Protection Training

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Family Protection Dog

We Offer 1-1 Family Protection Training In Your Own Home.

Family protection dogs trained by Topdog Training will protect your family from threat whether that threat comes over the fence, through a window or from a direct attack while the family, or individual, is walking the street. The dog is still the family pet that is sociable and safe animal to have around the home.

Available From 12 Weeks Of Age To Adult.

If you have a puppy and are thinking of training him for personal protection in the future, then it is never too soon to start bite training. Bite training is getting your puppy to bite soft training equipment on command so that as he gets older, he will understand what is required of him/her. Once your dog is fit, healthy & has the correct drive & temperament they can attend our course.

In a personal protection or a security role will always prove to be a valuable asset. At Topdog-Training we train all of our dogs using confidence as a base for this exercise not fear. Any dog that completes its training with us will be guaranteed to work with a confident, predictable, and effective attitude.

Remember we do not train schutzhund sport, dogs instead we concentrate on correctly training family Protection dogs. There is a big difference between the two.

What Breed Can We Train?

Over the years we have trained many different breeds as family protection dogs. For example along with German Shepherds, Rottweilers & Dobermans we have also trained Collies, Labradors & mixed breeds. Once a dog has the correct temperament & drive then it can be trained.

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Course Outline:

  1. We will travel to your home and assess your dog’s temperament & drive for suitability to attend our protection training course. This will include training basic obedience commands such as “sit”, “stay”, “down”, recall. This 1st training/assessment will last for 2 hours.
  2. If your dog has the correct temperament and drive then your dog will be accepted onto our family protection course.
  3. The course consists of 5 x 90min sessions with each session 1 week apart. During each session we work on obedience, bite work, personal protection & home protection.
  4. Towards the end we proof our training by using covert/hidden protection sleeves to ensure the dog is “Attacker Trained” & not “Sleeve Trained”.

Owner Training:

Our training always includes you. Your training will lead you to becoming a confident & firm handler ensuring you always have full control of your dog.

Family protection dogs are trained to defend, not attack, in the case of physical threat, theft or intrusion. From families to celebrities, high-profile individuals to business, home and landowners, personal protection dogs can provide their owners with feelings of comfort and protection, should the worst happen.

We Have Trained Over 10,000 Dogs!!

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Initial Session Is 2 Hours Long & Includes Obedience Training & Protection Assessment.


90min Obedience & Protection Sessions.