1-1 Private Training

In Your Own Home.

We accept all Breeds & temperaments onto our training courses.

It is never to late to train your dog, the saying ” its like trying to teach an old dog new tricks” is just that, a saying. Once your dog is fit and healthy they can be trained.

We Offer Private 1-1 Training Sessions. During these sessions we can work on obedience & behaviour issues, puppy training or concentrate on individual issues you are having problems with. Sessions can take place in your own home, local park or any other area you may be experiencing difficulties. 

Obedience Course

Suitable For Dogs 6months +

We Will Work On The Following:

1. Walking past other dogs on a loose lead without pulling towards dogs or people.
2. To Sit, Stay and Down on first command. 
3. To stop walking when you do, and not go ahead of you when you stop walking.
4. To go into the Down position from upto 20ft away and hold that position until released.
5. To jump up when called up and to get off and sit when told to do so .
6. To make the words “Here” and “Come” clear to your dog and the meaning.
7. Also to sit stay and down stay off lead.
8. Help in setting up a toilet/house training routine.

We Have Trained Over 10,000 Dogs!!

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Initial Session Is 2 Hours Long & Includes Assessment.


If Needed, Any Further Session’s Will Be 1 Hour Long.