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Dog owners often contact me about their pet dogs chasing sheep and cattle. These owners are usually responsible people, who are upset, annoyed and who want to make sure it does not happen again

A dog, chasing sheep is a totally normal behaviour most dogs love. To the owner this is totally unacceptable behaviour and a behaviour that will lead to the dog being destroyed if the farmer catches him.

Sheep farmers find it very difficult to make a living so the sight of an out of control dog chasing, wounding and killing their sheep is totally unacceptable. Even if a dog does not get to bite a sheep it could cause enough mental anguish to put that sheep into shock of which it will die

Most dogs who chase sheep are working in prey drive. Prey drive is a very high alert focused state of mind to be in, and once you allow your dog into this state it is very difficult to stop it.

It is always best to report any incident of sheep chasing to the farmer as remember even if your dog did not bite the sheep he could still have caused unseen damage which will lead to the dog going into shock and dieing.

Most dogs chase livestock just for that, “the chase” Very few dogs will chase in order to kill. To a dog the site of sheep running about a field is akin to a child being allowed into a toy shop and being told to take as much of anything you want, in other words sensory overload.

This Is How We Deal With The Problem.

  1. The owner needs to have the correct bond with their dog. This is established through correct obedience training.
  2. Getting the dog familiar with and training around livestock, i.e. sheep, cattle
  3. Advanced off lead training.
  4. Teach your dog that no matter what he is chasing he is to return to the owner immediately upon asking.

Owners who live near livestock and who have just purchased a puppy or have an older dog they are worried about are advised to contact me early on.

This training course has many benefits, not least the recognition of the command word “leave” when the pup/dog is in high drive.

We will show your dog the way to behave around livestock and on your return we will show you how to control your dog through obedience.

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